My Propecia Side Effects

My Propecia Side Effects

Mental and cognitive issues: brainfog and depression

My personal PFS symptoms were mainly mental and cognitive issues.

One of my biggest complaints was that I somehow felt completely out of touch with my senses.

I could not feel joy, pleasure, sadness, not feel another person touch on my skin, not smell and taste, not hear properly.

I had a condition what other PFS guys refer to as brainfog in its most extreme form.

It was very hard for me to receive and feel love or acceptance from and towards other people. There was hardly anyone I felt comfortable with.

My senses were so numb that I could not “perceive” people and the environment around me.

This experience is really hard to describe and perhaps only a PFS sufferer can know what it really means to feel that way.

Anyhow, life felt very blank and  static – not like a real living experience, but more like a mechanic machinery.

The brainfog together with almost a full loss of memory made up the worst part of my suffering for sure.

Sexual Impairment

There were also some sexual problems. I could not have proper erection for a couple of years and had lack of sexual desire.

But compared to my cognitive issues, I felt those  side effects were relatively ok to deal with.

Here is quick list of my symptoms – starting from the worst. I felt extreme …


memory loss

food sensitivities

lower back pain

weak knees

lack of energy





blurred vision

sluggish speech (not able to speak properly)


feeling alone

feeling isolated from the world

Symptoms that were relatively moderate

lack of sexual desire

libido problems – couldn’t get up or stay up

watery semen – orgasm made me feel even worse

sunken eyes

dry skin

itchy eyes

Symptoms I have not experienced

Penis shrinkage