The Natural methods that helped me overcome my Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Post-Finasteride Syndrome is very little researched and all the facts resulting from the present research were not helping me much to get better. I didn’t want to take another pill, which it is not even sure to do anything. Most doctors said to me things like “We can try this drug or that pill… and just see what happens.”

oak tree-

Of vague promises, I really had enough. There is no real cure offered in the medical world and PFS is still not very well understood. If we wait for somebody to create a solution especially for PFS, we might not only be really disappointed at the end, but also lose a lot of time. Though there might be really help someday.

It is just like Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we created them.”

As I didn’t want to wait for the miracle somebody would create sometime to cure me, so I started researching in different healing systems for solutions. And oh boy, there is a lot to research and luckily there are enough ideas that saw the body very differently.

Some of the healing systems I have researched

  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Allopathic medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Naturopathic medicine

At first I didn’t know what was going with at all. All I knew was that I felt really shit and if I wanted to ever be happy again, I have to do something. But where to start? It can be really exhausting researching health information, especially when not knowing what you are looking for. I believe many people who are looking for solutions, be it online, in books, or by talking to experts, might end up being more confused than before. How should we know what is right and wrong, which information is valuable to us and which is not?

Here are a few ideas I have found really helpful to sort through all the data and find exactly the answers you will need:
Your attitude dictates your progress

  • Healing matters most 

    The best way to get out of any problem is just focus on the goal. Not to expect the solution to come in a certain way. If you want to save yourself from a sinking ship, you will use whatever might help you. Because when we expect things to happen in a certain way, we narrow down our possibilities tremendously. Just expecting things to change through thought alone, or believing only in the conventional medicine way is quite arrogant. ALL ways are valid and it only matters that we find the one that helps us and possibly all can bring relief somehow. Look for solutions not in a certain framework, but allow it to happen from everywhere. You might be quite surprised at the end what about the answers that come and how little you were right.

  • Overthinking 

    The most simple things have often helped me the best. I found great relief in coffee enemas for example. Anyway, because PFS seems to be such a demanding and long-lasting problem, we think the answers have to be complicated as well. This can be a dangerous cause we are missing the opportunities that lay in front of us, not knowing what can be applied and relieved right away.

  • Trust yourself 

    I have found many effective tools that doctors whom I consulted would laugh at. If I had followed all the advices I was recommended from other people, I would not be where I am today and probably even died.
    For certain, it is important to get advices from experts, but it doesn’t mean you should follow their opinions blindly and not think for yourself. Every person has blind spot and experts do not know all the answers. What healed me was not denying my inner voice and allowing to express what I truly felt.

  • Stop thinking, start doing 

    “Practice is more valuable than 100 of theories ” – Ancient Chinese proverb
    Sometimes you got to just try things out. Practice makes you smarter because you definitely get answers of what works and what doesn’t. When you don’t, you got stuck wondering …if. You can get a proper picture when you try things out. If a herb is good for you, or a change of attitude bring new ideas to you.

  • Steady 

    “People in the West try everything, but master none” someone said. I found this to quite to be true (I’m German). To know if a approach works for you or not, you have to give continuous, every day practice, at best for at least 100 days. Only when stick to the protocols, will you know. How can you ever know if you try things and give up before they even start working?


You are more than chemicals

Western medicine attempts to reduce everything down to chemical constituents. It must be this or that hormone or neurotransmitter causing the problem. Hormones are certainly involved. But there could be different reasons why our chemicals in the blood are not ok. There are emotional and environmental factors influencing our biochemistry (e.g. stress), as much as imbalance, toxins and medication do. If we leave out these parts of ourselves, we end up looking only at a very narrow part of the complete organism. And we might not be able to acknowledge that other parts of our self play a significant role in our recovery process.


That is why I like to look other alternative models of the human body, which acknowledge the mind, body & spirit connection. Did you know Chinese medicine relates brainfog and dizziness to impaired liver function? And skin is related to the large intestine, kidney and adrenals to bladder and ears? Black eyes are very common in PFS sufferers. In Chinese medicine, black under eyes mean your adrenals have low vitality and jing, a vital substance found in our bones and bodies fluids. Childhood trauma might be equally important since we have disrespected that we lose hair by trying to force it to stay with the use of chemical drugs. Only a person who has self doubts perhaps would take such a risk to influence the hormone system for the sake of looking good.


Healing the gut

Cleansing the gut and repopulating it with good bacteria worked wonders for me. Even Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine was sure: ” All disease begins in the gut.” Nutrients and oxygen will be delivered more efficiently to our cells if our gut is healthy.

“Bacteria in the gut produce vitamins and break down our food; their presence or absence has been linked to obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and the toxic side effects of prescription drugs. Biologists now believe that much of what makes us human depends on microbial activity.” (1).

90 % of serotonin is being produced in the gut, the hormone that it responsible for our mood. It’s obvious that gut is important for neurotransmitter production.

Full Body Cleansing

I believe a big part of PFS symptoms is due to toxins. Toxins are in the environment and we take them in unnatural amounts. Today, we are bombarded from everywhere with toxins that are completely foreign to our organism from medication, plastics, personal care products, paints, air pollution etc.

Our body gets easily overtaxed and traps these toxins in our fatty tissue to prevent overload. If we didn’t have this ‘neutralization’ process, we might end up having dirty, polluted blood causing all sorts of discomforts like brainfog, dizziness, memory problems etc.

Helping the body detox, I found enormously helpful and I am still keep cleansing.


We live a fast paced and very exhaustive lifestyle, smoke, drink, party etc. A lot of our life energy is wasted through a lot of distractions from modern life which we think we are depended on. Wasting time on the PC or TV, not being outside in nature, looking at a sunset or swimming in the ocean.

Many of us have not learned to respect and conserve our daily energy. In the East, the cultivation of life energy has a long tradition. In China, millions of people come together every day in parks to spend time outside to do movement exercises called qi gong. In Japan, much attention is paid to the design of furniture, apartments etc, so it is perfectly aligned with one’s personal energy and does not exhaust you through unnecessary clutterings.

Energy cultivation has become a passion of me. Wherever I go, I try to spend not more than I really need to. Be it with eating healthy nutritious food, being outside every day, time with family or friends, do hobbies that make me feel good and are fulfilling. The idea is to get all distraction out of your life so as to have as much energy as possible leftover to be used for our personal health and well-being.


Eating was the first thing I changed after I crashed from Finasteride. It helped to not damage my body further and kept toxins out. However, proper food will also help other therapies to work more effe\iciently. More nutrients will be supplied for hormones production because it requires essential nutrients from outside such as vitamin C, minerals, proper fat etc. Nutrients also will aid detoxification in kidney, bladder and liver. I eat basically a very simple diet consisting of vegetables, good fats (essential fatty acids for hormone production), green smoothies, raw eggs, goats milk, some grains, some fruits as well and meat or fish occasionally.


For me, it was very important to resolve some of my emotional conflicts. Because PFS sometimes makes us feel very trapped, powerless, angry, hateful, grief or resentment. All these emotions are valid. Many of them are caused by old beliefs from experiences in our childhood. We have accumulated restrictive attitudes from our parents, our culture, our teachers and other authorities.

Today, we look at our path in a preshaped way, thus often get caught in destructive and limiting emotional patterns. For example, if father has never allowed you feel powerful about yourself, because he was secretly afraid or jealous you would steal his position in the family one day, you will not have much self trust and therefore limit yourself in difficult circumstances by feeling powerless.

Other people who were allowed to be powerful by their parents, might get into the same troubles but respond with trust that it will get good and they can get over it. There are similar methods for overcoming difficult and limiting emotions.


Job is perhaps the most important factor to get better. When you are feeling not stressed by your work that is very helpful. I was still working when I crashed from Finasteride. It tried to hold on to the job because I kind of did not want give up my friends at work. But it was impossible to last long. In a matter of weeks, I knew I had to leave because the daily tasks where stressing me. With a weak endocrine system, most of the regular jobs schedules were extremely hard to accomplish. Anyhow, I found work as a coach and author of online articles. It took me less hours each day and I could schedule according to my liking.


Does your family know you have PFS? What is their reaction? I have friends whose families are really angry and do not want their son to be not working etc. In fact, if you family is responding like that, it might be better, at least temporarily, to live somewhere else. You need an environment that accepts your condition. PFS is stressful enough by itself. If you have to worry also about people who don’t acknowledge it, that makes it doubles as bad. The most important thing is to avoid any distractions and be understood and cared for as long you are in this condition.

Recovery Spirals

Often, we seem to get better, followed by another crash. If we follow a holistic views, chances to get better in the long-term are very good. However, improvements usually occur in cycles of 4-6 weeks. During these cycles, it seems to get worse sometimes. When looking back some months later, I can see that healing happens in spirals and not in linear progression. There are often improvements, then it feels like it gets slightly worse again. But the next time we reach a high plateau, it is even better then last time we felt good.