Post-Finasteride Syndrome Recovery Story

My personal history of PFS took off in early 2008. I just popped some few pills over a few weeks period of time. What happened next was unexpected and would change my life forever. I reacted incredibly strongly to Propecia. Within a matter of days, my life broke completely apart. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t “alive” anymore and was extremely low in energy.

I was felt so brainfogged like I was in another dimension. All my abilities to perceive my environment was out of work. My skin became dry, I lost 25 kg in 3 months, got so heavy food allergies I could only digest anything but plain water, fruits and vegetables. After spending days not knowing what occurred, I began researching doctors that would help me out. Unfortunately, this was rather disappointing. In hormone tests, I got confirmed that everything looks alright and I do not have to worry. If the doctors would have felt what I have felt, oh boy, they would have taken me serious immediately. Anyhow, this was a common pattern: having nothing to confirm, I always was taken skeptically. PFS was not acknowledged back then, and I had to try to convince the doctors to investigate instead of just being recognized for what I going through.

I went on a long and interesting path of meeting many different healers, doctors and practitioners around the planet. I didn’t really care how I was going to heal. All that I wanted was to somehow survive. So I spent thousands of hours in investigating. Only when I realized that the way I was approaching my healing was quite ineffective, I realized, it is the attitude that dictates success or failure before anything else. A doubtful, confused or biased person will always find exactly that – the confirmation of their personal fears. I wanted to get to the core and really get results and not be limited by  patterns and beliefs.

Finally, by looking very differently at the same problem, I began to find protocols that finally brought great relief. I want to show you too where you get stuck and help you gain power back through realizing you creative potential.