A short review of what I have experienced through out the last 7 years with PFS.

Of course this is just a small part, but it will help you see where I am coming from.

Early 2008

Shock from Finasteride

Seeing conventional doctor, endocrinologist
– extensive hormone tests, blood tests

Spring 2009 

Gave up job (after staying at home for several months before)

Summer 2009 

Conventional treatments

e.g. neurologists, anti-depression drugs, psychiatric clinic, psychologist

Experimenting with diet

Practicing Zhineng Gong

Visited famous yogic healer


Spring 2010 

Slight improvements through new elements in diet and lifestyle

Parasite treatment

Fall 2010 

Complete knockout

After seeing 5 different naturopaths and 3 different doctors including endocrinologists

Later 2010 

New theories regarding my symptoms brought to me by a doctor of naturopathic medicine

Spring 2011 

Complete change of method

Trying to heal gut and stomach

Meeting up with more health experts

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Summer 2011

Things just went worse

Spring 2012

New ideas; considering hookworm therapy and fecal transplants and other weird stuff

Building adrenal health with herbs, diet, superfoods, fasting etc.

Millet pancake and fermented foods diet

Fall 2013 

Discovering many new tools and way to heal the body including proper heavy metal detox

Learning about new exercises to boost hormone function

Spring 2014 

Extensive training of Qi Gong and other forms of exercises

Learning more about detox

Fall 2014 

Deep detox

New methods to build energy in the body

Great improvements – minimal brainfog, sexual energy increasing

Spring 2015 

Continuous cleansing

Feeling normal for most of time